Third Evolution, Inc.
An Industrial and Artificial Intelligence Integrated Solutions business using AI to automate, speed up and significantly improve complex solution outcomes. Our unique multi-dimensional approach has proven to allow us:
-        To solve the unsolvable
-        Create high levels of efficiency
-        Significantly increase the speed of optimized solutions 
We bring expertise in:
-         process engineering
-         system integration
-        automation
-        artificial intelligence / Advanced Analytics
Our solutions:
-        Maximize efficiencies
-        Optimize production
-        provide the best real time solutions.
-        Set up monitoring, alerting and automation based on KPI
-        With seamless integration and improvement of existing systems/data.
We close the loop between data and automated solutions​

We close the loop between data reporting and automated solutions

Stuart has over 30 years’ experience in organization leadership, program and revenue development with 18 years as a COO and CEO of turnarounds. He has lead 3 organizations from multiple years of deficits to surplus operations. Stuart has overseen multi-million dollar capital raises and construction projects. His focus is on growth through purpose alignment, quality product offerings and highly efficient operations.  Over the years he has been a leader in developing business relationships that have allowed his organizations to improve performance, brand awareness and purpose fulfilment. Stuart has also been at the forefront of using innovative technology platforms to improve the performance, engagement and revenue.

Stuart is a leader at using organizational culture to drive performance. 

Mike Baciewicz,
President & Founder

Robert Maxfield
VP Technology​​​​

Robert has been with Third Evolution since 2010 and previously was a SCADA Project Coordinator for Doyon Utilities.  He has extensive experience in engineering design, project management, communications implementation, HMI/Graphic design and implementation, data warehousing, historian design/implementation and coding.  Robert caries many certifications including GE-IP certified Instructor, Wonderware Systems Integrator, Cisco Certified, ThinManager Platinum Integrator and Allen Bradley Solutions provider.  Max has worked in a variety of industries with an emphasis in utilities including Natural Gas, Water and Wastewater treatment and mining

Client Testimonials

​Mr. Gillis presently serves as CEO of Sunrise Capital Corp., a venture capital and business investment firm, and as CEO of HG Enterprises, a business strategy and performance consulting company. He has served on numerous public and private technology boards of directors and been an executive of ATL Ultrasound, Mosaix, Neopath, Samuel Stroum Enterprises, Bank of America, and Activision. Mr. Gillis received a BS in engineering from Carnegie-Mellon University and an MS in engineering and MBA from Stanford University. He has served on two national finance and accounting committees; President of the Washington Council for Economic Education; Puget Sound JA BOD; chairman of the U.S. Backgammon Association; and adjunct professor for the University of Washington business school for 2nd year MBAs teaching, Business Analysis & Valuation. His publications include: “A New Approach to Analyzing Bank Performance” Bankers Magazine (1980); “Asset/Liability Management-Business Framework for Lending Discipline” (1983); “New Markets: Assessing the Economics of New Technology” Medical Imaging (1996); “Strategic Negotiations & Communications” (2010); and Backstreet to Boardroom: Praxis for Success (2014).

Stuart Wachs
Chief Operating Officer  

Mike has been in the technology domain for 30 years, primarily focused on projects and implementations that other engineering firms were unable to accomplish. Mike has been able to master process engineering to maximize efficiencies and productivity in a wide variety of fields.  Mike has vast experience in Artificial Intelligence and integration. Mike has created a very unique niche expertise and ability to optimize at any level processes that can be characterized with a high volume of characteristics/inputs correlated against a preferred outcome.

 Some examples of projects include consulting on the original Star Wars Laser (call Hellstaff – High Energy Laser Test Facility – HELSTF); consulting to fix the “near-sightedness” of the Hubble telescope; reviewing and consulting for Research and Development at MIT.  Mike has extensive experience also in the industrial sector.

"Third Evolution provides exceptional service while performing top quality work. It's almost hard to put into words what makes them better than others but I know whatever it is leaves clients and end users satisfied and happy. They go the extra mile and make sure things are done the "right way" the first time. During stressful projects I never had to worry about Third Evolution getting the job done." Gordon Marinella - ‎Project Manager, PMP at AITHERAS, LLC

"As an executive, I want to hear my problems are going to be solved and Third Evolution delivered.  What is impressive about Third Evolution is that they are data scientist who use artificial intelligence to gather, report and predict data. They can develop applications that can scour divergent data systems and create problem solving reports." Marc Ashton – CEO Foundation for Blind Children

​As a leading industry of advanced computing, your participation helped representatives of the nations to understand the importance of technological developments in this area. The initial feedback from the COTC was very positive.  Jeffrey Lofgren, Lieutenant General, US Airforce / Deputy Chief of Staff, Capability Development

“Third Evolution saved us $100,000,000 in 1 phone call.  We have never seen greater value from a technology partner.”  Brian Powers  Executive VP Clean Energy Fuels


Contact Phone Number: 

Toll Free 877-906-2687​

Local 480-407-6480



Harvey Gillis
Advisory Board Member