In recognition of Third Evolution, Inc. efforts to improve the environment by supporting the development of landfill gas energy projects the EPA has made us an Industry Partner in the "Landfill Methane Outreach Program"

We bring process engineering, system integration, automation and artificial intelligence together to maximize efficiencies, optimize production, limit down time and provide the best real time solutions. Monitoring, alerting and controlling based on KPI for your organization. Seamless integration and improvement of existing systems/data

-        Using AI to automate, speed up and significantly improve solutions
-        Monitoring, alerting and controlling on key performance indicators
-        Seamless integration and improvement of existing systems
-        We bring expertise in engineering, process engineering and artificial intelligence to create unique solutions to maximize efficiencies and profits.

We bring data science, artificial intelligence, process engineering, system integration and automation to gather, report, predict and significantly improve decision making

·        Our Patent Pending unique Artificial Intelligence can scour big and divergent data systems to create problem solving recommendations and/or automated decision making

·        Incorporates your data and the wisdom of your “decision makers”
·        Significantly increase decision making:
·        Track, alert and alarm for tracking and compliance

"Third Evolution provides exceptional service while performing top quality work. It's almost hard to put into words what makes them better than others but I know whatever it is leaves clients and end users satisfied and happy. They go the extra mile and make sure things are done the "right way" the first time. During stressful projects I never had to worry about Third Evolution getting the job done." Gordon Marinella - ‎Project Manager, PMP at AITHERAS, LLC

"As an executive, I want to hear my problems are going to be solved and Third Evolution delivered.  What is impressive about Third Evolution is that they are data scientist who use artificial intelligence to gather, report and predict data. They can develop applications that can scour divergent data systems and create problem solving reports." Marc Ashton – CEO Foundation for Blind Children

As a leading industry of advanced computing, your participation helped representatives of the nations to understand the importance of technological developments in this area. The initial feedback from the COTC was very positive.  Jeffrey Lofgren, Lieutenant General, US Airforce / Deputy Chief of Staff, Capability Development

“Third Evolution saved us $100,000,000 in 1 phone call.  We have never seen greater value from a technology partner.”  Brian Powers  Executive VP Clean Energy Fuels

Client Testimonials

      T. Boone Pickens “America’s Natural Gas Highway”
      Valero Refining
      San Diego International Water Treatment Plant
      Bayless Healthcare
      BFI/Republic Waste
      Dallas Area Rapid Transit
      McCommas Bluff Renewable Fuels
      Fortis Energy
      Knight Industries
      DTE Energy
      Clean Energy
      Southern California Gas
      Nogales International Wastewater treatment plant
      US Borax
      Greenlane Biofuels

Strengths of Third Evolution Industrial Solutions approach:
Vast expertise and experience in process engineering creates a unique and comprehensive methodology to your solutions
We bring a breadth of expertise in process engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, programming, software and hardware integration, operations and artificial intelligence
Experience across many industrial sectors
Certifications and Endorsements:

·        Thin Manager Platinum Integrators
·        GE System Solution Providers
·        Invensys System Partners
·        Rockwell Systems Support Specialist
·        Kaptus Solutions Integrator
·        Endorsements by almost all major brand HMI/PLC Manufacturers
·        ISA CCST Certified
·        Cisco CCNA
·        WonderWare System Integrator Partner
·        Ignition Certified

AI Integrated Business Solutions

Third Evolution

- GE System Solution Providers

​- WonderWare System Integrator Partners

​- Rockwell Systems Integrator Solutions 

- ThinManager Platinum Integrator

​- Cisco CCNA

​- ISA CCST Certified

​- Kaptus Solutions Integrator

​- SQL Database Administration

- Microsoft Solutions

- Web Design

​- Mobile Application Development​

Current and past clients include:

Industry Partners

Industrial Solution