We bring process engineering, system integration, automation and artificial intelligence together to maximize efficiencies, limit down time and provide the best real time solutions.
◦Integrated Solutions
◦IT/Cyber Security



Strengths of Third Evolution Industrial Solutions approach:
◦Vast expertise and experience in process engineering creates a unique and comprehensive methodology to your solutions
◦We bring a breadth of expertise in process engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, programming, software and hardware integration, operations and artificial intelligence
◦Experience across many industrial sectors
Certifications and Endorsements:

Thin Manager Platinum Integrators
•GE System Solution Providers
•Invensys System Partners
•Rockwell Systems Support Specialist
•Kaptus Solutions Integrator
•Endorsements by almost all major brand HMI/PLC Manufacturers
•ISA CCST Certified
•Cisco CCNA
•WonderWare System Integrator Partner

•Ignition Certified​​​​

•Canary Certified

IT Compliance
◦Extensive experience in IT/Corporate/Controls infrastructure we are uniquely positioned to integrate controls networks into a corporate network following corporate and federal regulations
◦Typically there is a break down between plant/facilities management and IT divisions. We can support this gap and design the infrastructure that keeps the plant safe and operational while providing the IT benefits. This minimizes the IT burden on infrastructure and operations staff.
◦Provide security updates, server management, switchgear management and full back-ups or onsite equipment
◦Provide IT services for operations that currently do not have corporate IT infrastructure or standards in place
◦We can provide the management for IT compliance

Resource Planning

Help in defining the resouces needed for your project 




Network Management
◦Cloud Hosting
◦Advanced Analytics
◦World Class Artificial Intelligence

Industrial automation servers to help streamline and manage your process


Process design and engineering. Including Chemical, Electrical, Mechanical and Computer engineers.


I/O Check and SAT Testing

Site acceptance testing and IO check

Vendor Requirements and Specifications

Requirement and Specifications ensure that the project needs are met.



Third Evolution Current Application: Engineer/manage/alert/control American Natural Gas Pipeline


Remote access to your systems, remote monitoring, alerting on important KPI's and metrics. Bridge the gap between corporate IT systems and SCADA systems or create your own corporate SCADA layer