Businesses today struggle continuously to make their numbers.  And each quarter they do the same fire drill hoping for a good outcome.   We  can give you the exact actions to take based on your optimal reaction to a business circumstance.  And we can communicate those actions to the specific staff owning the responsibility to act before its too late, through their mobile device.  We have a very cost-effective method to model your margin contribution model, based on your org chart and financial reports.  We do this together, because only you know your company.  And the entire organization gets to establish how to reach optimal business output for their domain.  And we have a method to implement those optimal actions and help your staff maintain those performance levels.  24/7/365.  Our method is industry agnostic and is a direct result of 30 years application in the process control engineering field.  If this is of interest to you, we should talk.

  • Leads Analysis
  • Deployment
  • Traffic Management​ 
  • Optimized Hiring
  • Vehicle Use Deployment/Efficiency​​​​​

  • Football​
  • Soccer
  • ​Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • ​Recruiting

Third Evolution addressing Allied Military Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance in London, March 14, 2017:

  • Behavioral Health
  • Optimized Therapist/Client assignments
  • Staff Optimization
  • Staff Efficiency Monitor and Reporting

  • Increase Conversions
  • Predictive Hiring Optimization
  • ​Adaptive Tuning For Optimal Conversion​​


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Integrated Business Solutions

Integrated Business Solutions
Businesses today struggle to achieve high levels of efficiencies and consistently achieve their desired operating outcomes.   We bring process engineering, system integration, automation and artificial intelligence together to maximize efficiencies, optimize production, limit down time and provide the best real time solutions. Monitoring, alerting and controlling based on KPI for your organization. Everyone is so busy working “in their business” they end up doing the same fire drill hoping for a good outcome.   Our Business Advanced Analytics and AI Integrated solutions can automate or recommend the exact actions to take based on your data, internal operating process and your leaderships optimal reaction to a business circumstance.

·       Using AI to automate, speed up and significantly improve solutions
·       Monitoring, alerting and controlling on key performance indicators
·       Seamless integration and improvement of existing systems
·       We bring expertise in engineering, process engineering and artificial intelligence to create unique solutions to maximize  

         efficiencies and profits

We have a very effective approach to model your margin contribution based on your organization structure and financial reports.  We approach this process together because only you know your company. We can implement optimal actions and assist your staff in maintaining these performance levels 24/7/365. Our methodology is industry agnostic.

Our patent pending unique Artificial Intelligence can scour big and divergent data systems to create problem solving recommendations and/or automated decision making:

- Incorporates your data and the wisdom of your “decision makers”
- Significantly increase decision making:
- Speed
- Accuracy
- Outcomes
- Track, alert and alarm for tracking and compliance

 Closing the loop between data reporting and automated solutions

  • C2 and C4I ​
  • ​Troop Movement Optimization
  • ​Resource Mgmt Optimization
  • Evacuation
  • ​Training

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Portfolio-Based Efficiency Optimization Capabilities

With our patent-pending adaptive, multidimensional AI engine and our 30+ years experience with advanced process controls allows us to take a portfolio-based optimization strategy based on your overall business strategy.
This includes, but is not limited to, taking feeds from the stock markets, (or any other relevant data feeds) combined with your strategies, to give your firm key direction on any and all areas where management feels there is a gap between current outcomes and ideal outcomes.•Commodity purchasing triggers
•Key positional efficiency factors
•Contract buying/selling strategy optimization
•Predictive analysis for future needs
•Predictive analysis for portfolio maintenance optimization
•Highest to lowest efficiency values for any KPI
•Enforcement feedback on blended mining relative to optimal processing costs for that days/periods circumstance
•Enforcement feedback (if not fully automated, which we are capable of implementing) of portfolio level operational decisions
•Optimized use of fleet, again, always based on your perspective, and can be conditional on dynamic inputs, not static algorithms that processes of any sort tend to “drift away” from over time
•Combine site optimization controls with business optimization controls, presented (if desired) on a corporate dashboard available to all authorized users on their mobile devices with personalized alerts on key elements by user
•Anything else you can think of, we are open to discuss solutions for it





  • Collegiate
  • Academic
  • Athletic
  • Performance KPI's:
    • ​​Faculty
    • Students

  • Profit Optimization
  • ​Call Center Optimization
  • ​Resource Optimization
  • ​Compliance Optimization
  • Performance KPI's(staff)