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  • Increase Conversions
  • Predictive Hiring Optimization
  • ​Adaptive Tuning For Optimal Conversion​​

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  • Football​
  • Soccer
  • ​Basketball
  • Hockey
  • Baseball
  • ​Recruiting


  • Collegiate
  • Academic
  • Athletic
  • Performance KPI's:
    • ​​Faculty
    • Students

  • Profit Optimization
  • ​Call Center Optimization
  • ​Resource Optimization
  • ​Compliance Optimization
  • Performance KPI's(staff)



  • Behavioral Health
  • Optimized Therapist/Client assignments
  • Staff Optimization
  • Staff Efficiency Monitor and Reporting

The unique Third Evolution Artificial Intelligence Module directly and significantly impact the key focus areas for Command & Control Battle Management

Connecting and analyzing data information from multiple data sources

Automation of intelligence data for faster and prioritized solutions for analyst

Greatly enhanced speed of processing data, decisions and actions

C2 and Rapid Decision making

o   From 72 hours to minutes

o   Our AI module can process and prioritize massive amounts of data and possible actions in seconds allowing for the analyst and decision makers to instantly have prioritized actions with probabilities and outcomes.  Allows analyst and leaders to spend their time leading versus sorting data and the multitude of possible actions

o   Will measurably enhance decision-making solutions for high stress/time sensitive operations

Alerts and decision making can be shared across any number of desired networks of:

o   Intelligence

o   Branches of military

o   Allied Countries


Third Evolution was also a lead presenter at the Airborne ISR conference in London

Next steps; after the Conference it will be necessary to return to developing the Cognitive Computing and Advanced Analytics concept. It will be important to incorporate industry and consider how best they can contribute to both the development of the concept - particularly in the application / implementation parts - and in validating the concept during an experiment or exercise. There are a small number of specific use cases that are of interest and the plan remains to set up a cognitive computing enabled operational headquarters at Trident Juncture 2018 or a similar venue. Such an activity might be better as Future Command and Control - and therefore will be coordinated and synchronized with the other elements of the C2 Focus Area.

Third Evolution addressing Allied Military Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance in London, March 14, 2017: