The above slides show how The Intelligence Molecule provides proper insight to world leaders when risk inducing situations arise for NATO countries. Based on the core concept of NATO, the friendly neighbors of NATO countries benefit as well, as The Intelligence Molecule uses Third Evolution's proprietary multidimensional AI engines to understand how all areas of the country will be affected, by what, when, and how. Based on the AI iterations, a series of the optimal courses of action is yielded. The Knowledge Molecule is implemented upon the personality of the country leaders. this is done so that when The Intelligence Molecule begins deciding what the best actions are, the knowledge of the country's most important strategic minds is captured at their best possible condition for use in The Intelligence Molecule's AI engines. The Intelligence Molecule is therefore trained by The Knowledge Molecule, and guided by Human decision making from the most trusted minds of said country allowing for the optimal strategies to emerge quickly and effectively.


Next steps; after the Conference it will be necessary to return to developing the Cognitive Computing and Advanced Analytics concept. It will be important to incorporate industry and consider how best they can contribute to both the development of the concept - particularly in the application / implementation parts - and in validating the concept during an experiment or exercise. There are a small number of specific use cases that are of interest and the plan remains to set up a cognitive computing enabled operational headquarters at Trident Juncture 2018 or a similar venue. Such an activity might be better as Future Command and Control - and therefore will be coordinated and synchronized with the other elements of the C2 Focus Area.