• Increase Conversions
  • Predictive Hiring Optimization
  • ​Adaptive Tuning For Optimal Conversion​​


  • Profit Optimization
  • ​Call Center Optimization
  • ​Resource Optimization
  • ​Compliance Optimization
  • Performance KPI's(staff)

•By Sport, by Offense, by Defense and any other aspect (e.g. Special Teams in American Football)
•We capture your players, by player, against their opponents, by player with more detail than ever before
•By Sport-Specific Circumstance (Down, distance, weather, field conditions, situation)
•We capture all possible situational elements, specifically from your perspective and how it relates to each and every player on the field at the time for maximum possible optimization
•Using Your Playbooks
•We characterize your plays, correlated against all data indicated in above bullet points, to establish YOUR optimal play for that specific moment in time
•Using Your Coaching Perspectives
•Because you have your scouting staff, working under the directions for the specific objectives of your team, we will capture that perspective and correlate it to all of the above bullets to establish YOUR best plays for those current conditions
•Using Your Philosophy By Circumstance
•We will take all of the above bullets and correlate them to your circumstantial philosophy for a total, statistically best-case outcome and identify the optimal play for all things considered from your teams perspective
•To provide the statistically best play for each possible condition, including injuries
•We can do this real-time, or for sports with moratoriums on electronics X minutes before a contest, we can do this ahead of time
•For all/most sports, the advanced notification of best possible plays for given circumstances (regardless of a use moratorium) generates all suggested plays to practice instantly.  This would allow for real-world implementation and verification on the practice field for validation and verification of the plays real-world value.
This feature also allows for generation of best possible plays for all 1st and 2nd teamers, as well as substitutions

  • Behavioral Health
  • Optimized Therapist/Client assignments
  • Staff Optimization
  • Staff Efficiency Monitor and Reporting




  • Collegiate
  • Academic
  • Athletic
  • Performance KPI's:
    • ​​Faculty
    • Students

  • C2 and C4I ​
  • ​Troop Movement Optimization
  • ​Resource Mgmt Optimization
  • Evacuation
  • ​Training