Third Evolution

Integrated Solutions

Note: Third Evolution is currently restructuring the organization for international development projects with an emphasis on AI and developing nations

We bring more than 30 years of experience in process engineering, system integration, automation and artificial intelligence together to maximize efficiencies, optimize production, and provide the best real time solutions. For industry applications, we set up monitoring, alerting and automation based on KPI for your organization to improve upon and seamlessly integrate with existing systems and data. For business and other applications, our patent pending artificial intelligence scours divergent and big data systems to provide you with advanced analytics and decision support.

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Industry Services

Advanced Analytics with AI

Cloud Hosting


I/O Check & Site Acceptance Testing

IT Compliance & Cyber Security

Industrial Controls

Integrated Solutions

Networking SCADA Systems

Process Automation

Process Design & Engineering

Project Management

Resource Planning

Vendor Requirements & Specifications

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Business Services

Decision support or automation that incorporates your data and the wisdom of your decision makers

Monitoring, alerting and controlling on key performance indicators for your organization

Seamless integration of new information systems and data

Maximize organizational efficiencies and profits through mathematical modelling and optimization

Portfolio-based Optimization

Speed up and significantly improve existing solutions using our world class artificial intelligence

Close the loop between data reporting and automated solutions

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