Through our significant experience in process engineering, system integration and AI, we thrive in environments with extremely large volumes of data and multi-dimensional decisions that require both hard and soft inputs and seamless integration with existing data systems. We bring these areas together to maximize efficiencies, limit down time and provide the best real time solutions. We can uniquely build into our AI applications your collective protocols, decision making approach to automate and/or prioritize decisions, scheduling, staffing, etc.


Key Value Propositions

Decrease No Shows

Decrease Data management Time

Improve accuracy and decrease Patient/Practitioner Assignment time

Automated geographical Assignment Patient / Practitioner

Improved Patient Outcomes

Improved Profitability


Use our AI Integrated Healthcare Application to:

Indicate your best staff, why and what to look for in staffing candidates

Indicate your best patients, why and what to look for in patient candidates

Inform you of when and whom to hire ahead of time for optimal resource planning

Monitor workload by practitioner

Maximize therapist daily call density

Optimize therapist/patient assignments

Optimize scheduling for home health visits using our mapping module

Reduce the number of “clicks” for the end user

Reduce no shows

Reduce/eliminate underutilization due to the common practice of “whoever answers first gets the assignment, even if they are too far away”

Track, alert and alarm on compliance items


All analytics consider the best patient & financial outcomes. You decide the parameters. We optimize them. Your firm will quickly know precisely where the greatest opportunities for continued improvement exist.


Third Evolution outlines A Practical Perspective of Applied Artificial Intelligence for Precision Based Medicine