Portfolio-based Optimization

Our patent-pending, adaptive, multidimensional AI engine and more than 30 years of experience with advanced process controls allows us to optimize your portfolio based on your overall business strategy. This includes, but is not limited to, taking stock market or any other relevant data feeds and considering your business strategies to give your firm key direction on all areas where management feels there is a gap between current and ideal outcomes. Analysis may include:

  • Commodity purchasing triggers

  • Key positional efficiency factors

  • Contract buying/selling strategy optimization

  • Predictive analysis for future needs

  • Predictive analysis for portfolio maintenance optimization

  • Highest to lowest efficiency values for any key performance indicator

  • Enforcement feedback on blended mining relative to optimal processing costs for the circumstances during a given day/period

  • Enforcement feedback of portfolio level operational decisions (can be fully automated)

  • Optimized use of fleet

  • Combine site optimization controls with business optimization controls, presented (if desired) on a corporate dashboard available to all authorized users on their mobile devices with personalized alerts on key elements