Kaptus Solutions Integrator

Kaptus Solutions, a technology provider, has developed a solution set to address the current market shortcomings associated with the following global industrial challenges:

  1. A rapidly decreasing talent pool for industrial facilities has presented challenges to management to make a smaller resource pool more effective through the use of informed technology products and services.
    • Power
    • Oil & Gas
    • Chemical
    • Mining & Metals
    • Food & Beverage
    • Information Technology Systems
  2. As existing facilities age and new facilities are brought on line, the lack of tenured engineering and operations talent puts the operational challenges for optimized uptime into the hands of smaller staff that generally lack the benefit of having been part of the crew that designed and built the facility they are operating or supporting. As this trend continues and technology advances so fast it is difficult for many staff to simply keep the site up let alone stay up to date on all useful technologies that might help them do their job better.
  3. Executive staff are equally charged with doing more with less. So the value of critical information has risen dramatically. Today’s management needs a comprehensive tool that can take real time or historical information, reduce it through critical evaluation logic, and inform and take action on identifiable conditions.
  4. The broad value of needs is dramatically increased if an engine could exist that can handle all of the above as well as provide the same value through the operations, engineering and support organizations through existing mobile technology.

Kaptus Solutions is an integral part of providing all of the above in an integrated solution specifically tailored to each industrial & associated corporate need. Our team can assess the current situation with the client, review all existing client technologies that have the ability to execute logic and/or generate accessible data, and produce a solution at the enterprise level all the way down to single remote site management with the capability of using currently available cellular communications infrastructure (Apple IOS, Android, etc.).


Each application is unique, but our team has the ability to assess (as part of a client’s team) the best paths forward to provide the following:

  1. Secure data & alarming notifications at multiple levels with user-appropriate screens and actions from any data accessible device

  2. 24/7/365 monitored cloud-based systems for maximum uptime

  3. Remote mounted devices (if needed) for store and forward applications when network dropouts cannot excuse losses of data

  4. Multiple user-facing information pages based on user credentials

  5. Interactive control actions that can be configured at site control systems if needed

  6. Reports, service call outs and material management of stores

  7. Remote support for cost effective diagnostics available at multiple levels of support engagement

  8. Predictive analytics of site equipment to anticipate issues before they cause downtime

  9. Maintenance scheduling and change management to ensure proper equipment care

  10. Digitized operations reporting and logs