Through our significant experience in process engineering, system integration and Artificial Intelligence/Advanced analytics, we thrive in environments with extremely large volumes of data and multi-dimensional decisions that require both hard and soft inputs and seamless integration with existing data systems. We bring these areas together to maximize efficiencies, process/sort/analyze large volumes of data and provide the best real time solutions. We can uniquely build into our AI applications your collective protocols and decision making approach to optimize many areas of policing and operations to assist you in better serving your community.


Benefits for Police Departments

Significantly reduce in worker hours in data search, assessment and analysis, which saves the department money for use in more critical personnel areas.

Benefit from the enormous volumes of data and intelligence currently available and growing every year.

Have real-time collection and top-tier analysis of data to significantly improve the speed and impact of decision making.

Position your department as a leader.


Our Police Solutions Include

Case/Lead Management

Predictive Policing

Officer Deployment

Traffic Managemen

Optimized Hiring Vehicle Use Deployment/Efficiency